Super Secret Option News Revealed!!!

I just got the okay to blog about that diarrhea invoking news of last Thursday. Showtime has optioned Happy Hour of the Damned for a series (yeah––I know––that Showtime). Double Feature Films is attached to produce. They did Garden State, The Skeleton Key, Freedom Writers (among others) and are in development on the adaptations of The Devil in the White City and No True Glory.

I'm clinging to the ceiling, right about now.

All my thanks to my masterful agent, Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich. When he called last week I was like, "but how'd they even know about it?" His response, "Uh…cause I sent 'em the manuscript." See what a dope I am.


Joe said…
Mark: Allow me to be the first to publicly congratulate you -- may you soon become the new king of all media. Rawk on.
Mark said…
I'm working on a deal to have my next book published on toilet paper rolls.

Thank you, publicly.
Anonymous said…
Mark, that is just so spectacular. Congratulations!

Now I have to go order Showtime. Zombies and Entourage...sweet!

Mark said…
Thanks Heather, havent' heard from you in a while. Hope all's well.
Anonymous said…
My thirteen month old daughter has been teething and sick, so it kept me pretty busy. I'm hoping to check back here more often, now!


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