A Peek at the New One…

Still getting ready for the road trip tomorrow. I'm on my 7th load of laundry; I started last night while cleaning up the first few chapters of the new YA series, lovingly titled The Velvet and Nyx Mysteries. This particular book is called Most Likely to Dismember. Snazzy, probably won't stick, who knows? Now I don't know a damn thing about the limits of YA, my agent says not to worry about that, so I didn't. Here are some slices from the first four chapters (cover your children's eyes):

• Zit lust
• Avante Goths
• Armpit licking
• Piercings below the belt
• Tripping a cheerleader
• Pottymouth burnout teachers
• The Fatties, led by a wheelchair bound thug, Horsey
• Fanatical Pro-life Single Mother Gang
• The accuracy of yearbook prophecies
• A severed arm

Am I on the right track? We'll see I'm sending it off to Jim for a look see. I'll let you all know.

Oh…and posting around here may dwindle over the next couple of weeks, due to lack of access in the great plains. We'll see.


EA Monroe said…
Hi Mark!
I wandered over from Joe the Scary Parent to wish you lots of congrats and success! I've enjoyed reading through your blog and the Zombie Hilfiger is too funny. I can't wait to read your upcoming Happy Hour of the Damned! And, the sequels. I'm always looking out for new books written by new authors!

~laughing~ Okay, Joe, is that enough sucking up?

Never mind, Joe. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it! Good luck, Mark! I've got to go do my laundry.
Anonymous said…
I don't think there's necessarily a huge limit on material/issues for a YA story...it has more to do with the age of the protagonist and the voice. In other words, how you handle/write the words makes a big difference. From what you have listed, sounds all right to me (I was a therapist working with teens for many years...believe me, they're into things a lot wilder than armpit licking and Fatties.

If Ol' Jim thinks he can sell it, then you're money, baby.

Mark Henry said…
Thanks EA,

I love suck ups. I'll write something special for you. SPECIAL. See.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mark Henry said…
Hey Heather,

OMG. I was a child and adolescent psychotherapist for twelve long years. So I'm right there with you, kids are freaks (so's everyone else). I'm stuffed with nauseating material.

We'll have to chat at some point.

See ya, you crazy stalker,
Anonymous said…
>I was a child and adolescent psychotherapist for twelve long years.


yes, I'd love to hear about your experiences.