A Bit of Coercion Followed by Pimpage

Amateur stalker and Chasing the Dead author, Joe Schreiber over at Scary Parent is forcing me to write nice things about him, publicly. His latest posting is a gushy bit of brouhaha about my recent successes. I guarantee you it's an attempt to lure readers of Burlesque of the Damned and Zombie Chow to his blog to look at his latest glamour shots.

What he doesn't mention is that he pushed me to strike while the Penguin Press iron was hot and scoop up a great agent (and you are great Jim), so I owe a huge amount of gratitude and NYC drinks at some point. I'm sure Joe won't mind if I pimp out his next horror spectacular, Eat the Dark, while I'm at it. It's a frightening expose of the Hersheys factory. You're all gonna love it, comes out in October and has Oprah's Book Club written all over it. Be the first to pre-order 2 of these hot tickets and Joe will pitch in a well-read and well-loved copy of Joanne Harris's Chocolat. I for one can't wait.