Well I'll Be Damned, Burlesque!

Probably not safe for work, even though I'm sure Dita's wearing pasties. I thought it was about time that BOTD lived up to it's name.

I poured over a mountain of clips––flicks sweat from brow––to come up with one that didn't look as though filmed by a drunken frat boy. I was hoping to find Carolina from Forty Deuce, but oddly the one I came across was a poorly shot compilation. Dita's hot in this clip though. Dare to deny?


Anonymous said…
Yowza, that clip is hot! Dita is hot, I will not deny it.

Who is Dita? Friend of yours?

Mark Henry said…
That's Dita Von Teese, the shining star of the new burlesque scene, and coincidentally Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend.

Never met her. I think she performs in L.A. and New York.

Definitely naughty!