Movie Review: The Host

After an unfortunate binge on Puget Sound Pizza's ominously monikered The St. Helens (pepperoni, sausage, jalapenos), we hauled our bloated asses up the hill to Tacoma's only art house theater, the Grand Cinema, and crammed ourselves into the uncomfortable seats to watch The Host on a screen only slightly larger than our TV.

We're talking capital FUn.

The movie was good, but the sea monster was great! A big fluid tadpole/eel/dragon thing that steals every scene. The story's like this: American's are stupid and dump toxic chemicals in the river (yeah? and?), a family runs a snack shop in a tourist area by the water, sea monster makes like an amphibian and takes to land reaking havoc of the bloodthirsty variety. Hold on, though. Here's a new twist: the hero is mentally retarded (and I can say that because it is the technical term, develpmentally delayed is for the lay). He's mildly likeable, as are the rest of his family, most of all his daughter who is swiped by the creature early on which serves as the plot driver.

I think it's worth a look on video. Particularly if you don't need a happy ending.

You don't do you? Need a happy ending?