Fever Dream

An anonymous comment (hey, feel free to leave your first name) asked when I'd be blogging about the book, again. Well…now, as it turns out. I think we've settled on the title and my cover suggestions have gone to the art department at Kensington–I'm excited to see what they come up with. My editor is giving the book the harsh critical eye and I expect his revision notes in the next couple of weeks. Final delivery is on August 1st, so there's definitely some time before Happy Hour hits the shelves. Meanwhile, Road Trip is progressing nicely, and the story wants to spawn a spin off in Honey Kim, Wereleopard Bodyguard. I think I'm going to set it in the Country Music World, since I can think of nothing more evil. We'll see how it goes. I'm also tinkering with a goth High School murder mystery, let's call it Most Likely to Dismember. So, lots of irons in the fire and all while fighting a nasty flu. My sinuses are packed tight with the yellowest goo of Hell. Yet, I'm still off to see Jim Butcher at his UW signing tonight. Wouldn't it be just like the zombie writer to want to spread infection?

Enough. Back to the couch, the blanket, and Richelle's book.

But, wait…did you bitches see this?

It had me doin' the hot pee of illness. And…while we're talkin' TV––cause that's what we're doin'now––can I just say, you'd have to be a crazy person or trying to get parole to be on The Bachelor! In other reality news, New York actually made the right choice in Tango, but who cares? I'm only watching it for the previews of Charm School! That shit looks bomb!