What Did You Do Last Night?

I nearly had a panic attack. Why? I'll tell ya.

I went to Richelle Mead and Cherie Priest's reading/signing at the UW bookstore, and while they did a great job (Cherie read like a pro: she could do her own audiobooks), I began to imagine me up there, reading through Undead Socialite––I'm now calling it: Happy Hour of the Damned, by the way––babbling, red-faced, and the horror of high school presentations just came rolling back. And, I thought those days were over.

Silly me.

A lot of people showed up, which is great, and I got to meet Richelle, finally, as both my agent Jim and editor John (both of whom Richelle and I share) have been gushing over her. She seems very nice, and was kind enough to link to Burlesque of the Damned over at her site. Thanks Richelle!

You may not be aware that Cherie Priest writes these amazing southern gothic horror mysteries, I wasn't. But from her reading, I was hooked. I picked up Four and Twenty Blackbirds and will review in the future. Speaking of reviews: Cherie throws in her two cents on books over at Chiaroscuro E-zine. Check it out.