The Word is Out!

According to my new friend, Kim Harrington, a fellow writer of things sticky and dead, paranormal noir, if you will––and I think you might–– the deal for The Undead Socialite's Guide to Nightlife was announced on Publishers Marketplace.

I don't subscribe, but Kim got me the info:

8 February, 2007
Fiction: Debut
Mark Henry's THE UNDEAD SOCIALITE'S GUIDE TO NIGHTLIFE, about an ad-exec turned zombie trying to save a missing friend, "Shaun of the Dead" by way of Paris Hilton, to John Scognamiglio at Kensington, in a three-book deal, by Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (World).

That couldn't possibly rock more. I think I'm going to have to void.


Anonymous said…
Hi. Congrats on your deal! Would you consider your book horror or urban fantasy?

Mark Henry said…
Thanks Jeaniene.

You know, when I was writing it, I was sure it was horror-comedy, a zomedy even. But the more I read about Urban Fantasy, the more it fits into that genre. Strong female character, first person narrative, redefining monsters and lore, etc. But, again, not really.

The comedy piece is the real basis. My concern was that it would be lumped into paranormal romance, which would be damaging as the book is in no way romantic. As is, we are already talking about a title change.

Which, did you know, the author has no control over? Nor the cover, as it turns out.

Thanks again Jeaniene.
Mark Henry said…
So, the straight answer is the book is Urban Fantasy.

Check out Roc editor Liz Scheier's views on the Rise of Urban Fantasy at
Joe said…
Holy frig! I go into deep writing mode for a few days and miss all this? Phone calls from New York? A bidding war? Multibook deals? Trade announcements? Come on, Mark, would it have killed you to postpone your authorial breakout moment until I was able to follow it on a moment-by-moment basis?

Seriously, man, I can't tell you how excited I am for you. Nice work, seriously. Congratufuckinlations. Bask in it.
Mark Henry said…
Thanks Joe! My wife says I'm completely manic and that I should channel the excess of energy through vacuuming and bathtub scouring.


I'm sitting on my fat ass typing away on the new book and making a list of new titles, instead.

It seemed like the whole thing happened in a week. I queried the agent and got him and a week later had a book deal. Actually, it was a week.

Crazy how things happen, eh?
Anonymous said…
Yes!!! congrats!! Words can not fully express how Proud and Excited I am for you and this grand adventure!!!

much love,

The Macias-Green household
Anonymous said…
I'm excited to hear more about the publication of your book. When will you resume blogging?
Mark Henry said…
Huh? I haven't stopped. I think you're linking to a specific blog entry, rather than the blog. Try:

I did an update just for you.