Working Title

How does Blood Blister sit with you? Probably not as cozy as Cute Little Puppy, but, I'm not writing about slow comfortable porch swings, or Sunday family dinners. It's the apocalypse people! It's not going to be pretty.

I ended up at the library in Olympia yesterday and pounded out my 1500 words before they closed down early for no reason other than melted winter panic. I finished another page at the new Batdorf and Bronson on Capital Way–and can I just say, beautiful space.

My goal for today is to finish chapter 1 and jump start 2. So far the characters are my main focus (Chapter 1: Disorganized Schizophrenic–look it up–Chapter 2: Telephone Domination Specialist). I think I've said before, if I outline or get too far ahead I'll lose interest.

Oh…and, before I forget: I'm obsessed with The Shins Pink Bullets. Got it on repeat. "Since then, it's been a book you read in reverse. So you understand less as the pages turn."

Back to the wall of flies…


I'm not sure but I think Blood Blister has been done. How about Festering Hemroid or Pusstule Pocket?