Moore is a Solid Guy

Some notes from the Chris Moore comedy set/signing. That's right–no reading. He informed the audience of about 200 early on, he doesn't read. Rather he prefers to blather, and why not, most of the crowd had read You Suck, already. In Abby Normal speak, it would have been like, "vampire this, that, bluster-blah-blah." He spewed venom at Hollywood, which he insists will never make a film out of any of his books, and is currently paying him not to write a tv series–as insane as that sounds; commented that Janet Maslin thinks he's a "pothead"; and described his obsession with a case of bunny thievery in Hillsboro, Oregon. Apparently, the bunny's were stolen, after an "unexpected breeding."

He answered questions on influences (Ray Bradbury and Jules Verne) and relayed that his editor wouldn't let him meet Ray, 'cause he's a stalker. His reading assistant, threw shirts with the cover fangs on the front, wax lips and You Suck Holy Water to the inquisitive.

I spoke with Chris during the signing about the progress of Undead Socialite (he thought the title was "money") and he inscribed my copy, "good luck with your dead girl," but informed me that if the police came to question him, he would deny the meeting. I also met Duane the big UW bookstore guy, who's pretty cool.

All in all, good night, my wife tagged along and enjoyed herself. Although, she didn't follow through on having her Accounting Textbook signed. He totally would have done it.