Book Review: The Bookman's Wake by John Dunning

I sneaked in another book ahead of Good Omens (which I'm reading now–and loving). This one, the second in Dunning's Cliff Janeway mysteries, The Bookman's Wake, refers to a small print specialist and his ultimate foible of a misspelling in his issue of The Raven. Again, Cliff Janeway is a funny grump and the insights on book antiquities are intriguing. Wake twists and turns like a Costco churro (a metaphor which has more to do with the state of my stomach than any real connection to Dunning's work–unless he likes churros–and who doesn't, really?)

Although, a little loose in the end,The Bookman's Wake is a worthwhile read, particularly if you've got do deal with a two hour wait for an oil change–unacceptable Walmart!

Next Book: It's still Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (for real this time).