What's next?

I've been bouncing ideas off undecorated walls–they won't help me, they just stand there. What's the next big project. How about some torture porn? Hostel did well–not to mention America's feverish need for Saw sequels–why shouldn't it work in print? What about a short story collection, I wonder? I have a ton laying around, mostly horror. In fact, I'm writing another one now. It's about an embittered welfare worker, on a tour bus with diabolical senior citizens ('cause aren't they all?). I plan to cram it full of gothic imagery and turn Appalachia into American Carpathia. Comments, anyone?

I harvested the idea from my best friend's dreams. He has these vivid lsd trip nightmares, and he remembers them–can you believe that shit? Mine, on the other hand, are like this:

I'm walking through a tall-ceilinged building, art lofts–I think– without the art–just blank walls. Stir and repeat.

And that's it. The extent of my dream. P-thetic.

I did have this recurring dream as a child: I was napping in my dead

grandmother's bedroom and her corpse crawls out of the armoire. I

always woke before her head emerged. I might write that one down

some day. It beats racquetball with zombies in a parking garage.

Oh wait…no it doesn't.

Short Story Collection it is. I'm off…