Let's Remake Bad Canadian Horror Movies!

This clip is by far the "best" scene from the original Black Christmas. Take a look and then I'll start my rant.

Great campy scream. How bad could that door have hurt? I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, I'll try it on Dr. Stevens, complete with the growl. If he tries to leave I'll grab his hair. You don't think that's too much, do you?

Enough chattering, let's begin:

Put yourself in the Gucci loafers or Jimmy Choo's of a Hollywood Producer, for just a moment--bear with me. If you were going to do a lazy remake, wouldn't you go for one that had an interesting premise? The most faint spark? Okay, no. It's about the money, right? I get that. But why Black Christmas, over…say, The Toolbox Murders, My Bloody Valentine, or Driller Killer. Help me to understand? What's next a docudrama of Linnea Quigley of Frankenhooker and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama fame?

I'm fucking with you. I'd actually watch a docudrama of Linnea Quiqley. Help me come up with a title. I think we could sell it.

p.s. I know it was quick and she was bloody, but did you catch Margot Kidder in the clip? Love the voice. I bet you her lungs glitter.