Doing My Part

Every year, at about this time–oddly coinciding with the Christmas festivities–we (the wife and I, and a friend) do our part in the Campaign to Keep America Obese (Check it out, it's sweeping the nation). We gather, each taking turns spiking the egg nog, and bake cookies for our friends and families, A.K.A. the ingrates. This year it looks like 36 dozen are on the agenda.

The Breakdown:

• Seven Layer Bars
• Russian Tea Cakes
• Dutch Chocolate Cookies
• Frosted Shortbread
• Snickers-spiked Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Butterscotch Haystacks

Are you drooling? Why not collect it in a jar and give that to a friend? After all, it's the thought that counts, and what friend wouldn't be happy to receive the fruit of your cravings?

The marathon begins tomorrow, and ends when the film crews arrive, the police are called, or the sweat starts to drip in the icing. There's a little bit of us in every bite. We call it love. Why not take up this tradition yourselves? It certainly beats shambling through the malls, or greedily lapping the e-bay pool of crap. Plus, if enough people take it up, we can quit. And, just in time for the holiday devoted to quitters, New Years.

Happy Holidays, All. Eat up!


Anonymous said…
Well..I just wanted to say Thank you for the cookies..we ate em up!!! but for next year I would appreciate more sugar cookies..and perhaps some snickers cookies, as we did not get any this time..I am sure that was just an oversight on the production side..less russian tea cakes..and more haystacks.

love ya...a couple of ingrates in Lakewood
Mark Henry said…
I think we're going to nix the project next year. It's too expensive and absorbs two full days right in the middle of the busy holiday season.